Upgrade Mail Service

Have you already used up all the bandwidth? Do you need a major service?

If the SMTP Studio account that you have purchased is not enough, if you need more bandwidth available, you can perform an upgrade of the service.

Enter your Username and Password of your account in the form below.


The functionality of Upgrade is valid for all accounts that year a current subscription. It is not valid for those who have a subscription expired or expiring (in progress last month).

If you want simply RENEW a subscription expiring, you do NOT use this form. Go to the dedicated page to the renewal.


Account for increased

please enter the details of your account

In order to upgrade the mail service we must first check the status of your account. Please enter your username and password in the fields below and click "Check".

Attention. Enter only the username, without email@ and .smtpstudio.com. Only your username.

Example: email@username.smtpstudio.com ( only the part in red )