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Name: Your name

Server SMTP:
Port SMTP: 25 o 587

Server POP3:
Port POP3: 110

Password: yourpassword

Remember to select the flag "The outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication" or "Server requires authentication", typically located in the "advanced settings" or on "other settings".

The username and password are the same for both the POP3 server and for the SMTP server.

Our SMTP server doesn't require SSL protection (or whatever).

Control Panel

to check the status of your account

We provide a control panel to monitor the status of your account. So you can control the bandwidth available, the monthly consumption, daily consumption, etc.

Password: yourpassword

Bandwidth available

choose your size...

Depending on the package you choose you will have a bandwidth consumption in order to send and receive emails.
Consumption is calculated by the size of sent messages (including attachments, and pictures).
From June 1, 2012 is calculated only outbound traffic (only emails sent) rather than the incoming traffic (incoming e-mails, return email, etc.).

For example, if you buy the package 20 GIGA, you will have 20GB of bandwith, sending emails from an average of 10KB will be able to send 2 million messages per month.

There is no limit on size of messages sent or received.
There is no limit to the number of items. You can send up to exhaustion band.
Every 1st of the month the bandwidth consumed is reset and you can reuse the entire service.

Saving bandwidth

tips on saving bandwidth

To save bandwidth, we recommend:

1. Send small messages.

2. Avoid large attachments. it is preferable to publish the attachment to a website and enter the link in the message to download the file.

3. Attach pictures in the mail to images on the web. Even a small picture may become heavier than the entire message. We recommend that you enter the URL for (http://...) rather than the physical location on your local disk (C:\...).

4. If you use the mail service is preferable for newsletter:

A. Use the settings of the service STMP Studio and set a Reply-To header in the message (get it from your email client) to a different email from This is to redirect the response to another email address.

B. Do not use the service as normal inbox but only for shipments.

Choose your package...

8 giga 20 giga 40 giga 80 giga

Mail Server Professional

Have a dedicated SMTP server.
When your mailing becomes burdensome it's time to move on to a professional service that meets your needs.

Mailing List Studio free!

mailing list studio

By purchasing SMTP Studio you can use our newsletter sending software for free


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