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Can I make a trial of the service?

NO, there is no trial account. SMTP Studio is a dedicated mail server, not a software. There is no type of test to do. When an account is activated and running until maturity.

The service is automatically renewed?

NO, the service is NOT automatically renewed.

To renew the service you have to be a new order that you can find in the renewal page by clicking here.
Rinnovando avrete la possibilità di mantenere gli stessi parametri utilizzati nell'ordine precedente.

Can I do an upgrade of bandwidth?

Yes, certainly.

If you find that the service you have purchased is not enough to meet your needs, you can always perform an upgrade of bandwidth and upgrade to a higher package.

In the Upgrade page found by clicking here you can check the value of your account, and quantify the discount that will be applied in the event you chose to perform an Upgrade.

I can send an unlimited number of email?

There is no limit on the number of emails you can send. The SMTP service is a service to Studio consumption. Depending on the package you choose you will have the bandwidth that will be consumed every email sent. The consumption depends on the size of the messages that you send. More messages are larger and consume.

How do I know what is the package that best suits my needs?

To figure out which package is right for you more than enough to do some calculations:

1° - Check the average size of your messages.

2° - Check the number of emails you need to send.

3° - Keep in mind the number of times per month you need to send the newsletter.

For example, if you need to send emails from 15 KB to your mailing list consists of 500,000 contacts, and you have to do it 4 times a month, the calculation is:

monthly consumption = 15 KB x 500.000 contacts x 4 times

In this example there is a consumption of 30.000.000 KB, that would 29.296,88 MB, that would 28,61 GB. (to convert units from KB to MB, and MB to GB, you have to divide by 1024 and not by 1000) .

Then, in such a situation the recommended package is 40 GIGA because the 20 GIGA not enough.

The band acquired when it expires?

The bandwidth expires when is consumed or to end subscription

Each is restored when the available bandwidth?

The available bandwidth is reset every 1st of the month.

It can not accumulate the bandwidth consumed?

No, you can not store it. Every 1st of the month the band will be fully restored according to the package purchased.

Who can I be sure that my emails do not end up in the junk mail?

We do not know the content of your messages, and so we can not "guarantee" that if you send email "suspicious" will not be recognized as unwanted mail clients.

What we can guarantee is that our technicians constantly keep checking that our servers do not end up reported in the international black list. And in that case immediately to ensure removal request.

Besides that our servers are monitored and the first reports of SPAM accounts managers are blocked, preventing the reactivation future. This allows us to guarantee a good service for all users who wish to send professional newsletters without problems.

I have locked the account for SPAM, you can reactivate it?

To ensure excellent service to our customers, we have a duty to protect our servers from SPAMMERS. For this reason, if a user is reported as SPAMMER you can not reactivate it.

Please also do not try to activate a new account with different names. We try to keep as much as possible "clean" our server. Lock SPAMMERS is the first rule to follow.

Doing so provides a good service for all users who want to use SMTP Studio for legitimate purposes.

Can I send using a different email from

Yes, of course. You can enter your email address which you prefer in your mail client.

it is important that the access parameters to the server remain those provided by us: smtp server, username, password, etc. . How to display name and email you can enter anything.

I can not contact you by phone...

Il numero per l'assistenza tecniThe number for technical support is +39 0721 183 5158.

Recall that the assistance is a free service that we offer to our customers, you need to have some patience and in case of busy lines or voice mail, try again to contact us after a few minutes.

Alternatively you can contact us in chat. During office hours, we usually always ready to respond to an operator.

Or by email at

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