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Professional SMTP Server unlimited for newsletter

Email services dedicated

ideal for sending out newsletters and mailing lists

SMTP Studio is a dedicated e-mail service for sending newsletters and mailing lists.
This service stems from the need of our customers to send large quantities of emails. Thanks to our mail server will avoid all those limitations that are in other email providers, such as: sending limit daily; long lead times for shipment; spam filters; no security of message delivery; etc.


usable on any platform

SMTP Studio is a mail service for all purposes.
You can use this service with any email program, such as: Outlook Express; Microsoft Outlook; Windows Mail; Mozilla Thunderbird; Mailing List Studio; Eudora; Kmail; Mac Mail; Opera Mail; ecc.

Is compatible with any operating system, including: Microsoft Windows; Apple OSX; Linux; ecc.

It doesn't matter which connection you use, SMTP Studio can be used with any connection type (Modem, ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, GPRS, UMTS, ecc) and with any Internet service provider.

Reliability of service

cutting-edge hardware technologies

Our servers use the latest hardware technologies, are updated regularly with the best components to take advantage of the maximum speed. Our operators perform periodic checks to ensure proper operation of the machines. The software used for mail sorting are the new generation and ensure the reliability of the service.

IP Addresses clean to not be considered SPAM

Periodic cleaning of the black list

We work so that our servers do not result ever on the black list. And in case reports of requests for cancellations from these lists are immediate. We avoid malicious users from sending SPAM to our servers by blocking them immediately. This allows us to have a secure service for all our customers.

Software for sending Newsletter

ideal for sending out newsletters and mailing lists

To make managing and sending Newsletter we recommend Mailing List Studio.
Mailing List Studio is a software developed entirely in Italy. It allows you to easily manage entire database of mailing lists by dividing them into groups and subgroups. Facilitates the sending of newsletters and checks the result. It 's still one of the most complete on the market. Suitable for both professionals and for the casual user.nti.

Control Panel

Access the control panel to check your status account: bandwidth available, monthly consumption, daily consumption, etc. Change the address with your

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